Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Federer in Basel

Yesterday, Roger was named as "Ehrespalebaerglemer", an award given to his hometown Basel's outstanding citizens.200 to 300 fans attended the ceremony.
Federer says on Facebook "Yesterday I was in Basel and was given the award "Ehrespalebärglemer".This award is given to persons (born or living in Basel) who carry the City Basel in a positive sense beyond its borders and makes the city well known. This was a huge honor for me as Basel means so much to me. I had a chance to see so many family, friends and fans. It was very special that so many members of my fan club came to this event."

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Follow Roger Federer

RF vs RF

He was interviewed by Rio Ferdinand on 11th of July 2009.

Federer says"On Monday, Nike arranged for Rio Ferdinand to come by and interview me about the Wimbledon win and a few other things. It made a nice change to speak with a fellow athlete. I didn't know Rio before, but he was a cool guy and good fun. Check out this trailer, the full interview will go up on YouTube in the next few days."

Roger gave an hour of his time to open up in a revealing interview with Manchester United and England center-back Rio Ferdinand at a location just minutes away from the venue where had confirmed.

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